Book a pick-up - With DHL

To be able to set up for DHL pickups in a smooth way, the following is needed:

Do you have a customer number today at DHL Express?

If yes, we would need the email address linked to your customer profile.

If you are not currently a customer and do not have a customer number, you can easily register at


Once this is done, let us know the email address you provided in the customer image.

We will add you as a sender to us from our side and you will receive a confirmation email about it.
When you then log in to your customer image


you will choose to log in as your own customer image or Tumba Dental's allocation.

You choose Tumba Dental's login and can set up a pickup and print the shipping labels.
Stick these on. You can get courier bags for you to make it easier to pack the box and stick the waybill in the plastic pocket. Please let us know if you need this. You can also order these from the DHL portal from the login.

If you get stuck in this situation call and ask us and we will help you.