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It started in 1998 as an idea to create a high quality and competitively priced lab.

To stand out from the crowd through high quality, customized focus, broad knowledge base and a helping hand in therapy planning were the goals of Tumba Dental.

Over time, our activities have expanded into new areas, but our strategy has always been to place development and production at a high-tech level. A high-tech investment does not necessarily mean higher prices for the final product. We are here for you and want to make you and your patient happy.

Only original components
We only use original components for all KBF designs. All we produce are milled constructions and we do not cast anything. We use milling centers like Nobel Procera, Straumann Createch, Dentsply Sirona and Atlantis. The materials are Zirconia sent with Emax porcelain for high aesthetics, Monolithic Zirconia, Titanium or CoCr. 

Our CadCam work
We have taken a new step in our production of CadCam work. A new specialized milling center has been established to offer the latest technology at the best price. We want to contribute through our activities to a long-term and sustainable solution in everyday life. What is offered is Zirconium Dioxide, Titanium, CoCr, PMMA for fixed prosthetics. When it comes to CBF, we can offer individual abutments and milled CBF constructions. We have solutions that make your life easier. Contact us and we will tell you more.