All-ceramic structures


Now there is no need to make full metal crowns. We have the solution for patients who bite hard and bruise while allowing you to utilize the full strength of zirconium. Indications where you need an extra strong construction without compromising on aesthetics, Full Scale Zirconia is the solution.

The zirconium that is built up in full scale and painted in is recommended for molars and premolars. We also offer the layered version of Zirconia at the same price.

There are several advantages of zirconia:

      • Completely chip-free: milled in one piece and with no layered porcelain, the design is monolithic, eliminating the risk of chipping on high force patients!
      • Optimal when space is limited: This construction is a good solution when space is limited against the antagonist as a thickness of 0.5 mm is sufficient to maintain its strength.
      • Perfect fit: With CAD/CAM technology, we can always guarantee a perfect fit.
      • Metal-free: The designs are metal-free and there is no risk of dark borders.Full Scale Zirconia is the perfect alternative to full metal crowns.
      • Proven strength: Full Scale Zirconia has a flexural strength of 1200 (± 200) MPa.
      • Material safety: The material is plaque-resistant and there is no risk of discoloration over time.

We were an early adopter and realized several years ago that the material of the future is all-ceramic. Today, we have invested in third generation scanners and milling machines to keep us up to date. The trend is clear and is moving towards the use of more and more metal-free designs.

Many patients have become aware of zirconium ceramics, E-max, Empress and are now requesting it themselves as a therapy solution. Computer-assisted manufacturing of teeth in zirconium ceramics is the absolute best in dental technology. By reading the entire jaw model, we get a digital model in a computer environment. CAD/CAM technology is used to construct units such as crowns, bridges, implants and customized abutments. We mill bridges up to 16 parts.


E-Max is designed for metal-free aesthetic replacements. IPS E-Max maintains a high level of strength and aesthetics. IPS E-Max CAD combines modern CAD technology with high-performance materials.

The lithium silicate-based glass frame is produced in a process that is unique to the dental industry. The blocks used to mill the designs are not fully sintered and therefore slightly larger than the finished result. After milling, the design is finally sintered to its exact size. This is when the high tensile strength of 360 MPa is achieved. The decision to use IPS E-Max is to be able to utilize the advantages of a complete All-Ceramic system, in addition, facades can be made in IPS E-Max. To produce single-unit and small bridges anteriorly and posteriorly, lithium disilicate is used. For larger restorations where there is more stress, zirconium oxide is used. Whichever material you choose to use, the result will be accurate and aesthetic for the patient.