We always use one of the implant companies certified milling centers, always original components and have a stable production of prosthetics of about 3,000 fixtures per year. Original on original has been a philosophy that we have had since we started working with implants from the late 90s. Much has changed where research and studies have pointed to failures that are largely due to poor prosthetics.

The importance of proper prosthetics

We have always thought correctly that an absolutely passive fit with a correctly executed prosthetic is what we as a lab can contribute to a successful and sustainable therapy. A proof that we do and think right is our broad cooperation with niche dentists and specialists who hire us. Less experienced dentists also see the advantage of a collaboration that contributes to a stable and secure development in the area.

Different systems on implants

Today there are many different brands on the market and we work with all possible implant systems on the market. Our knowledge comes in handy when dentists encounter patients with older implants that we can help track down.

Tailor-made solutions

Our main production consists in Monolithic Zirconia screw retained on a prefabricated original titanium base. However, there are many cases where we need to customize an abutment for better support and a more durable prosthetic solution. We can make full bridges with acrylic teeth where the prosthetist requests a slightly softer force in the bite or a hybrid solution with milled metal at one of the certified milling centers we use and a Zirconia bridge screw-retained in one.

The solutions are many and with our experience you will get the absolute best prosthetic solution for your patient where nothing is impossible.

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